Professional Proofreading

We'll rid your work of those pesky typos, spelling errors, and grammatical mistakes like it's our job. Because it is.

Excellent Editing

We ask clarifying questions about your content, make suggestions for improvement, and recommendations of what to add and what to remove.

Flawless Formatting

We'll take the frustration out of formatting to make sure your book looks great in both Kindle and paperback format.


Business Book Editors is a team of professional copy editors and proofreaders. We have a business background, years of entrepreneurial experience, and we "get it" because we're authors too. Writing a book is a big deal; we'll help you create a work you'll be proud of!





Pages proofread
Typos found
Happy authors
Red pens


Entry $0.01/word

  • Professional Proofreading
  • Squash Spelling Mistakes
  • Vanquish Grammatical Errors
  • Terminate Typos

CEO $0.03/word

  • Professional Proofreading
  • Epic Copy Editing
  • Killer Content Suggestions
  • Flawless Formatting

Exec $0.02/word

  • Professional Proofreading
  • Epic Copy Editing
  • Killer Content Suggestions
  • Priority Turnaround

Our clients

The 80/20 Business
Your Fab Finance
Your Investment Nest Egg
Content Marketing
Transcending Addiction
Adult Family Care